April 2023 – Michael Campagna joins The Money Life Podcast with Chuck Jaffe at the Morningstar Investment Conference

Michael Campagna
Research Analyst and Co-Founding Partner
Michael Campagna sat down with Chuck Jaffe for the Money Life Podcast at the 2023 Morningstar Conference.

Hear his thoughts on opportunities around the world in Global Deep Value Investing.

More information about Money Life can be found at the moneylifeshow.com website.
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Current and future portoflio holdings are subject to change.


Top ten holdings as of 3/31/23 as a percent of the Fund’s net assets: Tidewater Inc. (4.86%), Despegar.com (4.81%), Conduit Holdings Ltd (4.03%), Hammerson PLC (3.99%), Exor NV (3.76%), Cia. Brasileira de Distribuição (3.72%), Enerflex Ltd. (3.35%), Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. (3.11%), Itau CorpBanca Chile SA (3.11%), Straits Trading Co Ltd (3.24%).


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