A Global Risk Conscious
Approach to Value Investing
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Founded in 2015, Moerus Capital Management LLC is an investment management firm offering investment products to institutions, financial intermediaries, and qualified individuals.


We utilize the same fundamentals-based investment philosophy across all investments, which seeks to purchase securities trading at large discounts to conservative estimates of their intrinsic value, with a preference for companies that possess strong financial positions, high-quality assets, and attractive business models.

We believe that this time-tested approach results in:

  • A portfolio that typically has very little overlap with the index.
  • An eclectic mix of businesses and geographies with high upside potential.
  • Access to opportunities across a mix of developed and emerging markets around the world.
  • Opportunistic investments in areas others are avoiding: underfollowed companies, complex business models, and industries/geographies in temporary distress.
  • A focus on our highest-conviction investment opportunities, providing diversification while not diluting the potential contributions from individual investments.